Our talent division specializes in image development for actors, musicians and models on an individual basis. We are dedicated to a personalized working relationship in order to develop your image as a professional in the entertainment business through photography, video, music production and multimedia.

Our company provides the tools needed to acquire paying jobs and contracts in the film, television, recording and print industries. Our photography, individualized composite card designs and creatively shot portfolios have been sought after by professionals as well as beginners in the modeling and entertainment industries.

 Our professional production film-video-audio studio facilities provide a great asset to individuals who also need to produce music, sports, acting/modeling/dance video demos or talent demos.

We then assist in furthering the development of each individual artist by advising them on their educational needs, work experience, industry support and industry leads. With selected individuals we may in special cases also assist in talent management. We use a network of talent professionals and agents that can take our aspiring talent to the next level or sign them up for film industry and acting seminars given at Twenty-First Century Studios facilities.

Twenty-First Century Studios Talent Program

Since Twenty-First Century Studios produces independent / corporate film, video, music and multimedia projects, we usually use the Twenty-First Century Talent Book for in-house productions or when producing for other companies. We hire professional talent for voice-overs, feature film, television production, advertising print and multimedia work.

When clients consult with us to find talent for a production, your image is readily available in our Twenty-First Century Studios Talent Book. The talent book membership is complimentary.

For productions based outside of our company, our clients work with our producers to choose talent, sometimes from our own talent book or from talent agencies. However, members on our talent book will have access to posted upcoming productions, seminars and networking opportunities with Twenty-First Century Studios as well as other companies.

The right head shot, composite card, modeling portfolio, or audio or video demo tape will give you the tools you need in the business. The production quality of Twenty-First Century Studios’ products will reveal your image, talent and strengthen your confidence. By offering several packages that are compatible with most budgets, our clients can get exactly what they need.

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