Twenty-First Century Studios offers internships for communications, film, audio and multimedia students from universities throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Internships are usually from two to six credit hours per semester depending on the university.

Students usually work an average of twelve and a half hours per week with evaluations at mid-semester. Different universities may have specific requirements for the credit hours involving the completion of a journal or essay.

Internships are on a first come, first serve basis. Contact us for further information.

We are experienced in teaching video production and humanities at universities as well as community  education furthering education in the community. We teach film and audio apprenticeships through the Recording Radio Film Connection in Los Angeles helping students prepare for production careers at a fraction of the cost of other technical schools.


Twenty-First Century Studios has since its inception supported various nonprofit organizations and individual artists such as The Special Olympics Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville (MOCA), The Jacksonville film Festival, The Humane Society, the One World Foundation and the Body and Soul program which brings the joy of music and the arts to the sick as part of our company’s community outreach. We strongly believe that helping the community without expectations of monetary gain will eventually profit the company in many ways. We have developed a considerable amount of productions and donated services to many nonprofit organizations locally and world renowned.

Our involvement with the Jacksonville Film Festival helped to shape its development and the successful Underground Film series at MOCA. has been widely successful. In addition to supporting art organizations and individual artists our company has assisted filmmakers through the Independent Filmmakers Assistance Program (IFAP21).

We’ve been associated with the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville since its re-opening downtown and ran events at the museum theater including art events, concerts, lectures, plays and presentations. We have a lond standing relationship with the One World Foundation with whom we have worked documenting art, music, software and performance projects.

Twenty-First Century Studios is also very involved with environmental conservation and habitat preservation together with the Animal Channel. We have many years of environmental  communications experience and bring this to the forefront working on environmental documentaries and issues involving the preservation of Florida’s endangered habitats.

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