Twenty First Century Studio’s specialty is to produce independent film, broadcast video  and documentary projects. They are funded internally or in partnership with other companies or independent producers. However we saw a need for aspiring producers or directors who have a vision and want to make it a reality. It is very difficult to be a first-time filmmaker and most projects end up only as a learning experience. Twenty-First Century Studios has developed the Independent Filmmakers Assistance Program (or IFAP21) to help independent filmmakers get their projects professionally produced from script to screen with quality content.

Creative producers/directors can get their product made professionally with the guidance of our staff and made at a fraction of the cost. Our crew also will get jobs they specialize in to assist in their credits. This benefits everyone involved in the production.

Film treatments and scripts are reviewed individually to determine the feasibility of the project on a case-by-case basis. Matching grants of 20% to 70% of the production cost will be determined by the project parameters and complexity of the script. We can only accept two projects per year so sending your request for applications early is beneficial.

Producers trying to obtain funding for their project that have been accepted to the IFAP21 Program will be helped immensely by having a signed agreement for partial sponsorship already in hand when looking for funding or matching funds.

IFAP21 assists independent filmmakers finance and produce quality content, as well as to give students from our successful internship program and young production professionals opportunities in creative production. This program also helps our student apprentices from the Radio Recording and Film Connection (RRFC) get professional experience assisting in the production.

The program is a win-win scenario in which creative producers can get their product made at a fraction of the cost as well as benefit all involved in the production.


Beyond Triathlon - The Film

Beyond Triathlon explores the path of womens’ participation and contributions to the growth, culture, and spirit of Triathlon. Based on the book, Beyond Triathlon, the film shares the many stories of women who broke barriers, became competitive athletes, transformed their communities and influenced the development of Multisport to make it what it is today.

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