Twenty-First Century Studios specialty is developing and producing visual projects from script to screen. Our wide range of experience includes broadcast video & film production, documentary, corporate training/marketing programs, web, audio and music recording, creative/industrial photography, image developement, copy writing and publishing.

Film and Video Production Services

Twenty-First Century Studios offers a full service production facility that includes soundstage, video post-production and audio recording suites, office and ancillary rentals.

Twenty-First Century Studios builds film production packages that cater to your specific needs whether you just need a line producer, sound, lighting, cinematographer or a full production team, Twenty-First Century Studios can assist to make your production a success. Our creative team can also help you as producer accomplish your vision from script to screen while properly minding the budget. Let us put together a custom-tailored package that will save you money.

We are also mobile, having produced internationally from the Americas and the Caribbean to Europe. We excel in environmental communications and documentary cinematography.


We take pride in image acquisition. Creating quality images is a big part of what we do. We shoot artistically impressive images and provide the art direction, or we can just handle the gear, and let you direct. For indie filmmakers, Twenty-First Century Studios has full production services for commonly used video formats like HD, or we can create custom packages for higher budgets like 4k or film. We can light your production or build a lighting and grip package through other associate companies. Larger scale feature lighting packages are budgeted with complete lighting and grip equipment outsourced from specialized lighting companies and our crew.

Post Production Editing, Animation and Transfers

We do not underestimate the importance of post-production in the creative process and use our background in organization, timing, cutting, color correction and audio post sweetening to bring these technologies together and create a superior product.

The final outcome is to express our clients’ message to their audience, wether it may be dramatic film, documentary, promotional, educational or corporate marketing and training.

The design of two and three-dimensional animation is developed in the graphics studio. In addition to using this production technique to render graphics for advertising, it is also use it to illustrate processes in technology, industry, communications and the sciences. We will also work with specialized animation houses that assist in the quicker rendering of highly complex images and large files.


“Bring your 20th century media into the 21st with 21st century studios!”

Many personal family collections and media outlets have hundreds of old films, tapes and photos in basements and storage facilities.  Nothing lasts forever,  and deterioration of valuable historical film, video and documents will occur. Organizations don’t have the time or personnel to process the past,  so hire TwentyFirst Century Studios specialists with more than 25 years experience in broadcasting and print.

We can transfer obsolete film formats, analog audio tapes, historical paper documents, even microfiche to digital media.


Twenty-First Century Studios specializes in highly creative image acquisition in the areas of documentary photography, advertising/marketing, technical, environmental, scientific/environmental, food and fashion. We also have extensive experience shooting talent in the entertainment and recording industry.

Our company produces image development for recording artists and models. Professionals as well as beginners seek after our acclaimed and artistically original composite cards and portfolios. Our shooting formats are Digital but we can also shoot 35mm and medium format film if desired with operating B&W and Color Transparency lab.

Audio Services

Recording Studio Facilities include a full service studio for voice over work or multitrack music recording with sound booth, isolation room and soundstage.

We are experienced in producing original music for recording artists and media producers or use library music.

Our background includes work with record labels on music videos, cover design and promotional print.

Copywriting, Graphic Design and Web

We work with advertising and creative agencies in producing content for advertising campaigns. Creative writing and design are our foundational elements for producing programs, production or graphics for the screen, print or the internet.

The finished content is often published on the internet with our multi-media and web programming services. From concept and development to execution of the production, we assist companies in marketing their products or services through web sites and even e-commerce applications. We can interface with your database and create custom browser-based applications for intranet or internet communications. We can create the foundation of your interactive website through current database architecture. Once the technical infrastructure elements are in place, our creative team will then develop an attractive and user-friendly interface.

Our years of experience in video production for the broadcast industry are an asset when creating impressive and effective video and motion graphics for web design.

Effective communication is vital in the dynamic world of mass media which encompasses many thoughts, processes and cultures. As an international company we have accomplished productions in English, Spanish and German. We have also assisted in productions for various countries like Japan and Brazil.

In addition to creative writing and graphic design content we develop content for other media outlets like industrial and corporate training programs, television & radio programs, and print publishing.

Soundstage Rentals

Our  soundstage has a 50’x 50’ shooting area with wraparound syc wall or background colored rolls or flats together with audio ready facilities within the soundstage area.

Contact us for pricing and availability. We cater to your needs and budget.

Tech:   Wraparound syc wall

            Calumet Strobe systems

            Desisti, Arri, SV, Strand lighting

            24 track recording studio


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